Vlog My Wedding

Warwickshire Wedding Videography and Wedding Vlogging

Wedding movie or wedding memories! You’d think they were the same, right?

Vlog My Wedding is a creative fun way to capture your wedding day, whilst removing the fear of beng filmed.

Vlog My Wedding is a non traditional way to capture your wedding footage – whilst a videographer will capture and create very polished movies, vlogging will create the real, fun, and natural footage of your day.

Guests love interactive weddings – they enjoy garden games, sparklers, confetti throwing, and everyone will always grab their phone to take pictures or do a little video (which you never get to see).

Vlog My Wedding gives your guests a chance to be actively involved by capturing video footage of all the fun, and behind the scenes action, that would normally be missed. As a couple you get a video that is a real reflection of you and your day.